CSOM senior leadership

Interim Dean CUNY School of Medicine

Erica Friedman, M.D.,F.A.C.P

Interim Dean CUNY School of Medicine

Dr. Friedman is responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing CSOM’s educational standards to ensure the academic excellence of the medical program by assuming responsibility for and authority over the content and implementation of the curriculum, and ensuring compliance with the bylaws and policies of the Board of Trustees of CUNY, CSOM, and CCNY and all relevant accrediting bodies.  

Responsibilities include:

  • Leads and provides oversight for the development, implemention and evaluation of the medical education program, including oversight of accreditation processes and CQI
  • Manages and leads the renewal of the biomedical curriculum
  • Oversees offices of admissions, registrar, student affairs
  • Identifies, recruits and maintains clinical partnerships in support of the BS/MD curriculum
  • Supervises the Office of Academic Affairs and units that support and evaluate student academic success
  • Chair, Department of Medical Education
  • In consultation with the Dean, develops strategies to advance the School and its mission with University and legislative professionals, funding and accreditation groups, and other organizations.

Associate Dean for Clinical Curriculum

Dr. Rosa Lee

Rosa Lee, M.D.

Associate Dean for Clinical Curriculum
Suite - H310E

Dr. Lee provides leadership and oversight for development, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement of curriculum across all years of the BS/MD program.

  • Oversees curriculum and assessments across the 7 year BS/MD program
  • Chairs academic segment and program reviews for curriculum committee
  • Works with faculty and assistant deans for basic science and clinical curriculum to develop curricular innovations and assessments
  • Serves as dean’s designee for course/clerkship grade appeals
  • Works with curricular deans to ensure compliance with LCME accreditation standards related to educational program

Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Maria Lima

Maria Lima, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Lima is the Associate Dean for Research. She develops and oversees strategy and vision for enhancing and growing extramural research support of the faculty, including metrics and rewards.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provides expertise in the development of faculty research grants and supports faculty research initiatives; provides support for identifying grant opportunities, mentoring of faculty for grant development, and editing grants before submission.
  • Strengthens and identifies new collaborations across other schools at City College, research-intensive institutions in New York City, and other institutions nationally as applicable for faculty and development of collaborative program grants, including clinical opportunities.
  • Maintains an accessible database of research enterprise metrics for the School of Medicine, including grant submissions, grant receivables, publications of faculty and students.
  • Advocates for student research opportunities; serves as a resource to identify intramural and extramural research opportunities.
  • Represents and advocates for the School of Medicine in the Research Advisory Council, Space Committee, and other committees at the College and the Research Foundation of CUNY.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs


Dani McBeth, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. McBeth oversees the functions of the Office of Student Affairs, which is responsible for coordination of all aspects of student life that are outside of the academic programs. These include extracurricular activities, fellowship and scholarship programs, housing advisement, ceremonial occasions, NBME exam registration, compliance issues, career planning and the residency application process.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversees functions of the Student Affairs Office:
  1. Student activities
  2. Student government
  3. Fellowships & scholarships
  4. Housing advisement
  5. Ceremonial occasions
  6. Medical student advisor activities
  • Manages professionalism documentation submissions
  • Manages mistreatment reporting
  • Manages absence reporting
  • Manages health clearance form submission
  • Advises all students regarding Student Academic Progress Committee decisions

Associate Dean for Medical Education & Faculty Development

Nicole Roberts, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Medical Education & Faculty Development 
Suite - H 301

Dr. Roberts is responsible for overseeing, developing, arranging and delivering faculty development programs for clinical and basic science faculty at CSOM and our clinical affiliates. She also performs medical education research and supports those who are interested in doing research in medical education.

Responsibilities include:

  • The Learning Resource Center https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/csom/lrc-0, a resource for students who desire academic assistance or who wish to serve as peer tutors.
  • Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation, which manages curriculum mapping, course evaluations and institutional outcomes.
  • Course Administration-AV support, online education support, room reservations and testing administration.
  1. Provides leadership and oversight in creating and delivering the faculty development program for clinical and basic science faculty at CSOM and our clinical affiliates
  2. Performs medical education research and support others who wish to do so
  3. Provides educational expertise and assistance in developing curriculum across the 7 year program
  4. Provides educational expertise and assistance with clinical sites.
  5. Provides oversight to three functional areas

a.Learning Resource Center



b.Institutional Research and Evaluation

c.Course Administration

Assistant Dean for Basic Science Curriculum and Assessment

Emine Abali, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Basic Science Curriculum and Assessment  
Suite- H301B

Dr. Abali has oversight of the CSOM basic science curriculum. She works with the basic science and Organ Systems course directors and module leaders and the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment, and the Office of Medical Education to ensure that these curricula meet LCME accreditation standards and enable our students to meet the schools Educational Program Objectives.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide day-to-day supervision of basic science course directors and administrators to ensure that the content, teaching and assessment are in alignment with CSOM policies and LCME requirements
  • Assists in revising course content or structure based upon student and Curriculum Committee feedback
  • Develop and maintain relationships with our Organ Systems module directors to facilitate integration of basic science and clinical content

Assistant Dean for Clinical Science Curriculum

Lisa Auerbach, M.D.

Assistant Dean for Clinical Science Curriculum 
Office: H- 310-F

Dr. Auerbach is responsible for working with the Clinical and CHASM course directors, clerkship directors, clinical faculty and hospital leadership, the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment, and the Department of Medical Education to coordinate the Clinical and CHASM curricula, to ensure that these meet LCME accreditation standards and that students meet the school’s Educational Program Objectives.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide leadership and oversight for the clinical curriculum including the Practice of Medicine courses, CHASM course, core M3 and M3 clerkships and  M4 elective clerkships 
  • Provide day-to-day oversight of clerkships and clinical courses ensuring that the educational program objectives are met and that clinical sites are teaching in alignment with CSOM policies and LCME requirements
  • Evaluate, revise, oversee and coordinate the orientation to clerkship course, and the M3s  intersession and the introduction to internship course. 
  • Establish, develop, and maintain relationships with clerkship directors and other faculty  at existing, developing and new clinical  sites.

Assistant Dean and Program Director for the Physician Assistant Program

Image result for jaclyn churchillJaclyn M. Churchill, M.P.H, D.M.Sc., PA-C

Assistant Dean and Program Director for the Physician Assistant Program   
Suite –H15

Serves as chief executive of the PA program, providing direction, leadership, operational oversight, fiscal management, and long-term goal planning for the program.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supervises faculty and staff to support, implement and evaluate program curriculum, policies, procedures, student progress, and compliance with accreditation standards.
  • Coordinates collaboration and integration of programmatic activities with the BS/MD program, Medical Director of Harlem Hospital, and other medical centers throughout the greater metropolitan area.

Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance

Priscilla Daniel, M.P.A.

Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance 
Suite –H106

In consult with the dean of the CUNY School of Medicine, Ms. Daniel provides oversight and management of the resources that support the educational mission of the school. Areas of responsibility include budget and finance, human resources, procurement, facilities and information technology.

Responsibilities include:

  • Tracking our revenue and expenses
  • Oversight of CSOM payroll
  • Assisting with faculty and staff recruitment, and oversight processing of faculty and staff appointments
  • Approval and processing of required resources (Procurement)
  • Assisting in maintaining adequate facilities (including equipment) for Harris Hall and other CCNY education and research spaces
  • IT (hardware, software and Wifi)
  • Assisting with the planning and implementation of Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation strategies and activities.
  • Participating in the development and implementation of school-wide strategic planning to align the school’s targets and goals with the mission of the school and university.

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Hernandez

Lynn Hernandez, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion  
Suite –H11A

Dr. Hernández leads and facilitates programs and initiatives in support of the School’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy. She is responsible for formulating and implementing a strategic plan for enhancing DEI across the School and developing metrics to assess the plan’s impact on the learning environment. She is also responsible for providing guidance on empirically supported best practices to enhance the recruitment, retention and advancement of students and faculty from historically underrepresented groups in medicine (URiM) and developing professional development opportunities to foster a more structurally competent learning environment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develops and oversees a strategic plan for enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion across the school, including metrics to assess its effectiveness and impact on the School’s learning environment. including its research, education, clinical and service missions
  • Provides expertise in the development of effective practices to recruit and retain students, faculty, staff and senior administrators from URiM groups, as well as provides guidance to faculty on culturally competent curriculum development and teaching. 
  • Serves as an advocate, mentor, resource and support to students, faculty and staff from URiM groups. 
  • Manages and leads diversity training, education and professional development opportunities for faculty, students, and staff to foster a structurally competent learning environment.
  • Collaborates with the College’s Office of Diversity and Compliance in responding to incidents related to bias, discrimination and harassment, and in identifying appropriate interventions. 

Assistant Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Annabel Santana, M.P.H.

Assistant Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Suite – H107


Ms. Santana coordinates and provides support to CSOM leadership and faculty for academic and administrative processes including faculty governance, appointment and promotion processes; strategic planning initiatives; accreditation processes, and special projects.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinates faculty reappointment, promotion and tenure processes, and assists with academic and faculty personnel matters; serves as a resource to department chairs on faculty personnel matters; supports onboarding of clinical faculty from affiliate hospital sites
  • Co-facilitates accreditation processes; manages and responds to requests from the LCME, MSCHE, NYSED; ensures compliance with CUNY and NYSED policies related to CSOM’s academic programs
  • Provides support for the CSOM faculty governance processes through the Faculty Council and the Executive Faculty Committee, including updating the faculty handbook, and monitoring and disseminating university initiatives, policies and procedures that impact upon academic programs
  • Supports strategic planning processes and monitoring of short- and long-term strategic goals and metrics   
  • In collaboration with CSOM leadership, assists in the planning of and coordinates faculty and staff development opportunities, meetings, assemblies, retreats, special projects and events.

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement,Development and Alumni Relations


Robert M. DeMicco, Jr. 

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement,Development and Alumni Relations
Suite – H10C

In collaboration with the CSOM senior leadership, Mr. DeMicco is responsible for building awareness and support for CSOM from all constituent bodies and programs, including alumni relations, development, community engagement, public relations and government relations, to promote public understanding of our mission in order to cultivate and secure community and financial support.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develops and implements a strategic major gifts plan and programs to sustain and steward major gift support of CSOM work.
  • Negotiates complex gift agreements, MOUs and related documents, ensuring compliance with CUNY, city, state, and federal financial regulations
  • Manages and cultivates the Dean's Advisory Board
  • Oversees the Alumni Relations staff activities related to the planning, implementation and promotion of alumni programs in support the school's strategic plan, and the nurturing of relationships with alumni

Executive Director of Admissions,Wellness &Counseling

Jodie Meyer, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Admissions,Wellness &Counseling
Suite – H101

As Executive Director of Admissions, Wellness and Counseling, Dr. Jodie Meyer is responsible for oversight of all activities related to annually admitting an undergraduate class into our seven-year BS/MD program. In addition, Dr. Meyer is responsible for the Counseling Office and Sophie's Pulse, our wellness program.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversight for Office of Admissions – undergraduate & medical school admissions, outreach and pipeline program
  • Responsible for annual recruitment, orientation and ongoing training of interviewers, presenting admissions committee members for approval, and for data about each admitted class   
  • Liaison to the AAMC regarding CSOM online profile and admissions data and to the Executive Faculty Committee regarding admissions
  • Ex-officio member of the Admissions Committee
  • Oversight for triage and referral of students to the Counseling Office, and to other related/needed mental health resources
  • Oversight and evaluation of wellness programming