CUNY School of Medicine

The foundation for the curriculum and its unique focus on Population Health and Community Oriented Primary Care is provided by the Mission of the School.

The curriculum addresses the competencies of our Educational Program, which fall into seven domains:

The overall curriculum provides a seamless continuum from completion of High School all the way to the MD degree. There are four main pillars to the curriculum:

(1)   A Liberal Arts education foundation that also meets the CUNY Pathways (General Education) requirements.

(2)   A Basic Science component that begins with the undergraduate basic science courses and continues throughout the Organ Systems courses.

(3)   A Clinical Skills Curriculum that begins with Practice of Medicine 1(POM1) that continues throughout the curriculum with POM2 and POM3, and on with the Clerkship Rotations.

(4)   A Population Health Curriculum that begins with Social medical Sciences and continues through the Research Selective courses.

Curriculum Chart Years 1-7

Bachelor of Science Curriculum

Medical School Curriculum

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