CUNY School of Medicine Accreditation Update

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After its most recent meeting, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) has upheld the CUNY School of Medicine’s provisional accreditation of the medical education program, with probation status. With this status, the CUNY School of Medicine’s MD program retains all the rights and privileges of accreditation, while required to achieve full compliance with the LCME’s findings within a maximum period of 24 months.

The CUNY School of Medicine has already begun work on an action plan and is implementing initiatives to better prepare students for residencies and their future careers in the field, based on the immediate needs identified by the LCME.

What we heard:

1. Limited budgetary authority of the Dean, and inadequacy of financial resources

2. Students concerns about:

  • the adequacy of study space
  • the quality and coordination of the first (M1) and second (M2) year of the MD curriculum
  • inconsistency of faculty observations and of formative feedback in clinical sites
  • limited access to research opportunities

3. Lack of a policy document that states the responsibilities of all administrative officers  (deans)

4. Lack of integrated educational program outcomes datta

5. Lack of a written conflict of interest policy for the admissions committee

What we are doing:

1. We have been working with the CCNY administration for the past year and now have frequent communication,          control of our budget, and support for our hiring plans. CCNY understands our need for financial reserves and          will not be using them for CCNY.

2. Teams of students have begun to work with faculty to identify and clarify specific problems and student concerns, and develop activities that will be monitored to:

a. assess the adequacy of study spaces on campus and in clerkship sites.

b. enhance integration of organ systems curricular modules in the M1 and M2 year.

c. ensure that students’ clinical skills are observed and that they receive timely feedback on their performance in the clinical setting.

d. enhance the identification of research opportunities for students and ensure effective dissemination of information regarding these to interested students.

3. The responsibilities of all administrative officers have been updated and documented, and will be available publicly on the School’s website, internal network and key policy documents.

4. Following the recent graduation of our first MD class, the school now has access to more comprehensive data to  evaluate its educational program. The curriculum deans will be reviewing these data, while ensuring the timely and consistent collection and review of ongoing assessment data that address each of our educational program objectives.

5. The Office of Admissions adopted a formal policy on conflicts of interest (January 2020).

The implementation of the above initiatives will help ensure the CUNY School of Medicine’s full compliance with all LCME standards within, and before, the established 24-month timeline. For more information regarding the LCME accreditation, visit the Liaison Committee on Medical Education’s (LCME’s) website at or contact the LCME at:

Last Updated: 08/18/2020 11:49