CUNY School of Medicine M4 Clinical Year

During the M4 year clinical year students will complete the required fourth year clinical rotations, which include a four-week inpatient subinternship, and four-week rotations in emergency medicine and critical care medicine. Students will also complete 20 weeks of clinical electives in specialties of their choice. The electives may be taken at affiliate hospitals or outside institutions.  At the end of the M4 year, all students will complete a two-week boot camp, which focuses on clinical skills such as handoffs, mock codes, and additional procedural skills to prepare students for the start of their residencies.

All students complete and pass the USMLE Step 2 CK and CS exams during the fourth year prior to graduation. Students will also submit their applications and complete interviews for residency. Time is allotted for residency program interviews and vacation during the fourth year.


A schematic map for M4 year is presented below: