Executive Director of Admissions, Wellness & Counseling

Jodie Meyer, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Admissions, Wellness & Counseling
Suite – H101

As Executive Director of Admissions, Wellness and Counseling, Dr. Jodie Meyer is responsible for oversight of all activities related to annually admitting an undergraduate class into our seven-year BS/MD program. In addition, Dr. Meyer is responsible for the Counseling Office and Sophie's Pulse, our wellness program.

  • Oversight for Office of Admissions – undergraduate & medical school admissions, outreach and pipeline program
  • Responsible for annual recruitment, orientation and ongoing training of interviewers, presenting admissions committee members for approval, and for data about each admitted class   
  • Liaison to the AAMC regarding CSOM online profile and admissions data and to the Executive Faculty Committee regarding admissions
  • Ex-officio member of the Admissions Committee
  • Oversight for triage and referral of students to the Counseling Office, and to other related/needed mental health resources
  • Oversight and evaluation of wellness programming