Match Day 2020

Match Day 2020

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

The CUNY School of Medicine at The City College of New York is proud of its inaugural class who achieved a 100 percent match rate and will be going on to the next phase of their medical careers at many of the most prestigious and highly-ranked institutions in the nation.

As a medical school with a long-standing commitment to the health and welfare of patients and communities they serve, we are particularly pleased that almost half of our graduating class will be entering primary care residency programs, and 78% will be returning to continue their training in New York City-area hospitals.

A special thank you to the dedicated faculty who provided the wise and diligent mentorship that helped our Class of 2020 successfully reach this milestone in their journey.

Well done, Class of 2020!

Click the link to view our Match Day video.

2020 CUNY School of Medicine MD graduate National Residency Match

The CUNY School of Medicine is proud to share that our inaugural class of 2020 carries a 100 percent match rate! Each of our students has matched with phenomenal residency programs across the country. View the complete list of match sites below. Congratulations CSOM M4 students!

CSOM Graduates First Match Placements

The CUNY School of Medicine is honored to acknowledge the graduates of the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education program. Congratulations to you on all of your accomplishments.

Sophie Davis BS graduates from 2016 and 2017 in the 2020 National Residency Match

We are proud as well to recognize the accomplishments of our Sophie Davis BS graduates from 2016 and 2017 who participated in the 2020 Match from Albany Medical College, New York Medical College, Northeast Ohio Medical University (NeoMed), NYU Grossman School of Medicine and SUNY Downstate College of Medicine. Congratulations Sophie Davis Alumni!

Sophie Davis alumni in the 2020 Match

2020 National Residency Matching Program Details

Please click here to read more about our Match Day success on Amsterdam News article about our school, celebrating our MD graduating class.