CUNY School of Medicine - Tracks of Distinction

The Narrative Medicine Track of Distinction - Sophie Davis / CUNY School of Medicine Track Director: Samantha Barrick

The Discipline of Narrative Medicine is becoming an essential part of medical education throughout North and South America and is gaining influence around the globe. The field prepares health professionals to apply the skills and values of narrative understanding to improve outcomes for both patients and caregivers, and to investigate issues pertinent to health and healthcare in a transdisciplinary setting.

Narrative Medicine was first introduced at the CUNY School of Medicine in 2009. As awareness of its importance and impact grew, it became a required element of our undergraduate education in 2014 and is now integrated into all levels of our medical education curriculum.  We use the core principles and practices to forefront the narrative complexity and intensely personal experience of students, faculty and staff who are working to confront and address medical inequity, structural violence, food instability, climate change and countless other factors that contribute to suffering that includes, but is not limited to, poor healthcare outcomes.


Last Updated: 02/09/2022 09:32