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Office of Research

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Office of Research

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The Office of Research is responsible for promoting, supporting, and expanding the research mission within the CSOM. 

The office assists faculty in obtaining and managing external federal, state, and private foundation funding and works with the CCNY Office of Research Administration to provide faculty with administrative support for grant submission.

The office facilitates the mentoring of junior faculty, provides workshops on grant writing, and helps to identify funding opportunities for faculty. 

The office provides faculty with pre and post-award services. Pre-award services include identifying potential external funding, preparing budgets and other sponsor forms, interpreting sponsor guidelines, and handling subcontract issuance and negotiations.

Post-award services include providing guidance on Research Foundation account management, assisting with sponsor agency requirements and documentation, budget modifications, and no cost extensions, and preparing annual reports.

The Interim Associate Dean for Research oversees the Office of Research and works closely with the CCNY Associate Provost for Research and the CSOM Dean on strategic initiatives to develop research and graduate educational initiatives and on issues regarding regulatory oversight and compliance. The research program specialist assists faculty by providing pre and post award services.


Linda Spatz, Ph.D.                                                                  Marc Scullin, MA
Interim Associate Dean                                                          Research Program Specialist
Department Office: H-205-J                                                   Department Office: H-10-E
Telephone: (212) 650-7703                                                    Telephone: (212) 650-7702
Fax: (212) 650-7583                                                               Fax: (212) 650-7583                                                 


What's New?


Dr. Marlene Camacho-Rivera is Published in the March 2019 Special Issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention
Marlene Camacho-Rivera PhD
Asst. Med Prof, CHASM
CUNY School of Medicine
Article Title - Cancer Health Impact Program (CHIP): Identifying social and demographic associations of mHealth access and cancer screening behaviors of Brooklyn residents. 


Dr. K. Genevieve Feldman, graduate student from Dr. Itzhak Mano’s Lab is published as lead author on the cover article of February 2019 Journal of Neurochemistry
K. Genevieve Feldman, PhD
Mano Lab
CUNY School of Medicine
Itzhak Mano, PhD
Asst. Med Prof , MCBS
CUNY School of Medicine
Article Title: Non‐canonical activation of CREB mediates neuroprotection in a Caenorhabditis elegans model of excitotoxic necrosis
Medical Student Research Opportunities
Seminar Series / Workshops


CSOM Spring Research Seminar Series  - Click Image for Screen Readable Schedule

CSOM Spring Seminar Series talks are held in Harris Hall Room 110