P.A. Program - Admissions

In evaluating candidates for admission into graduate programs, CUNY will not disadvantage students who present P (pass) or CR (credit) grades in their transcripts for courses taken during Spring 2020 - regardless of whether their school imposed the flexible grading policy on all students or gave them the choice to opt-in. In addition, CUNY will not disadvantage students whose pre-requisite courses were transitioned to virtual during the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 and/or Spring and Summer 2021 semesters.  

Online hybrid courses, taken before Spring 2020, will be accepted towards the fulfillment of the core prerequisite science. The online laboratory, taken before Spring 2020, the component course will not be accepted. Due to COVID-19, Spring/Summer/Fall 2020, and Spring/Summer 2021 online labs with be accepted.

Our Physician Assistant (P.A.) Program is a 28-month upper division program leading to a M.S. degree and certification as a Physician Assistant. It was one of the first baccalaureate degree-granting physician assistant programs in the country.


Last Updated: 04/12/2021 13:03