PA Program Outcome

PA Program GOALS

CUNY School of Medicine PA Program goals align with the Competencies for the PA Profession delineated, updated and approved in 2012 by the four leadership organizations of the PA Profession (AAPA, ARC-PA, PAEA and NCCPA).  The professional goals for students graduating from the PA Program include, but are not limited to the follow:

  1. Patient Care
  • We are committed to practice high quality compassionate care, and to develop sensitivity and competence in communication skills with diverse populations. 

The CUNY School of Medicine PA Program fosters patient centered communication skills, structural competency and practicing evidence based, cost effective quality care and system based practice. 


Patient Care Outcome

Successful achievement of this goal is demonstrated through multiple metrics include faculty evaluations of student-patient interactions on clinical rotations and standardized patient examinations and didactic year courses of physical diagnosis, cross cultural counseling.  Areas access include patient centered history taking, physical examination, clinical reasoning, and communication skills and cross cultural competencies.  In 2017, preceptors rated our student patient care performance at 95.5% overall.