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CUNY School of Medicine


5.1. Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and discretion in all personal and professional activities.

5.2. Demonstrate commitment to diversity, inclusion, and tolerance by showing respect and sensitivity for all people and their individual differences and belief systems.

5.3. Demonstrate compassion and empathy for all individuals, including peers, patients, faculty, and staff in all interactions.

5.4. Act in accordance with ethical principles; resolve ethical dilemmas; and prioritizing the best interest of the patient.

5.5. Commit to the principles of social justice, advocating for equity and access to care.

5.6. Collaborate effectively, acknowledging the contributions of others.

5.7. Strive for excellence and continuous self-improvement through professional and personal development.

5.8. Recognize the need to balance self-care and wellness with professional responsibilities.

5.9. Demonstrate accountability, reliability, conscientiousness, and responsibility in all professional activities.

5.10. Represent one’s institution(s) and the medical profession in an exemplary fashion; contribute positively to all communities of which one is a member; and hold colleagues accountable for the same.