3.) Create and promote required professionalism, diversity, inclusion and equity curricula content for all students (not as electives) integrated throughout the seven years and introduced during orientation (e.g. Year 1-7 Curriculum) with the inclusion of topics such as:

  • Stereotype threat
  • Ramifications of racism and unconscious bias in medicine and patient care
  • Race Theory in higher education
  • Self-awareness of bias and prejudice in healthcare
  • Implicit bias and micoacroaggression in higher education and training
  • Best practices and methods to report and how to deal with microaggression and bias and to defuse situations with confrontational approaches
  • How medical institutions can affect change to address bias, justice and equity
  • Unique health issues in underserved communities
  • Global Health
  • Health and Healthcare disparities and social determinants of health—specific issues and research agendas
  • Community needs of underserved, marginalized populations and communities of color
  • Academic career development for diverse trainees

In the experiences prior to starting the program and the preclinical years, imbed the importance of student-student interactions among CSoM students as reflective of future professionalism relationships with patients early in the CSoM experience through in-class facilitated discussion across differences.


AAMC MedEdPORTAL Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Collection in co-sponsorship with the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), features peer-reviewed educational resources for educators to advance institutional efforts in creating a diverse and inclusive culture and climate for all in order to drive clinical, educational, research and service excellence. Link:

Definition: Health Equity1

Health equity is the principle of providing everyone the opportunity to attain their full health potential while no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of their social position or other socially determined circumstance.

[1. Diversity and Inclusion Definitions by the Group on Diversity and Inclusion of the Association of American Medical Colleges.]