The Halls at Bowling Green

The Halls at Bowling Green at City College's Downtown campus at the Center for Worker Education has been hosting art exhibitions since 2007. Installations have ranged from the abstract to 2D. Exhibits have explored a variety of themes, from Latin culture and history, to hip-hop, to labor studies. Past exhibits include “The Survival of the Mayas,” a 45-piece photographic exhibition produced by Spain’s Fundación Sophia and “Mexico through Oriental Eyes,” a Mexican-themed installation by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Kagami. “Danzaré mi vida (I’ll Dance My Life),” a six-piece installation donated by Kagami, is on permanent display at CWE. The Halls at Bowling Green gallery hosts about 6 to 10 exhibits a year. The gallery is located inside the historic building that once was the U.S. headquarters of the Cunard Steamship Line.

To book the exhibit space, please contact Nina Woods at 212-925-6625, ext. 216 or email .