Archives Exhibits

The Dominican Archives organizes exhibits of materials from its collections, often in collaboration with the Dominican Library, as an educational outreach to the community. Exhibits may travel to schools, colleges, and other venues. If you are interested in hosting an exhibit from the Dominican Archives in your organization or school, please contact the Dominican Archives by phone at (212) 650-8865, or by email at


Dominicans in New York: An Exhibit from the Dominican Archives and Library Collections

Dominicans in New York highlights the experiences and contributions of the New York Dominican population. It uses primary source materials from the archival collections of the Dominican Archives as well as secondary source materials from the Dominican Library including documents, photographs and memorabilia to create a visual history of Dominicans as they developed communities that became an integral part of New York’s diverse human landscape. 


El Músico y el Pintor/The Musician and the Painter: An Exhibit Documenting the Lifetime, Work and Artistic Trajectory of Two Early Twentieth Century Dominican Artists. 

The exhibit consists of documents, photographs, musical scores, and paintings from the Dominican Archives collections that highlight the careers of musician Rafael Petitón Guzmán (1894-1983) and painter Tito Enrique Cánepa (1916-2014). Both were enormously influential in their chosen professions, contributing to the development of new hybrid artistic forms that combine traditional and modern elements and incorporate styles from different cultures. Cánepa used his art to express political themes, chiefly his opposition to tyranny and imperialism, while Petitón Guzmán used eclecticism and formal innovation as the vehicle of his revolt. The archival collections of both artists provide a remarkable glimpse of early twentieth-century cultural history of Dominicans and Latinos in New York City.