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Digital Collections

CUNY Academic Works - is CUNY's Institutional repository. It provides access to all CUNY DSI's publications that are available as full-text and freely available to all.
Dominican Artists in the United States disseminates the work of artists of Dominican descent living in the United States. The first collection focuses on Dominican artist Josefina Báez, founder of the Ay Ombe Theatre in New York City.
Fighting for Democracy: Dominican Veterans from World War II is a pioneering exhibit of twelve panels, in which photographs, documents, correspondence, newspaper articles, and short biographies tell the stories of Dominicans that served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II. Click here for the OMEKA site. 
First Blacks in the Americas is a digital academic platform devoted to disseminating sound historical information about the early presence of people of black African ancestry in the first colonial society of the Americas of modern times, the society of the colony named La Española by the Spanish colonizers when they arrived in 1492 and throughout the sixteenth-century.
Subsets of First Blacks in the Americas on ARTstor and OMEKA contain photos of monuments, ruins and manuscripts from the colonial period in La Española.