Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Once I am taking college courses and it is my final year, is it possible to transfer credits to a non-CUNY college?

A. Yes, it is possible to transfer the credits to a non-CUNY college but it all depends on the university. Some will take all of them and others will take a few. It really all depends on their application process and their way of taking in credits for certain courses.


Q. How are schedules put together once I am attending both the high school and college?

A. Schedules are put together depending on what classes you need to be taking during that specific semester. You might have to travel to the college in the early morning or in the early afternoon. It is all worked around the mandatory classes that need to be taken at the high school.


Q. Will I be receiving metrocards for the days that I will travel from the high school to the college and vice-versa?

A. Yes. You will be receiving metrocards for the days you will travel from the high school to the college and vise-versa. It also depends where you reside. (The number of metro cards you receive is calculated by the distance from your home to the high school.)


Q. Once I attend the college, who are the people that will be there for me?

A. Once you attend City College of New York, the two main people that will be a constant positive support will be the director of the early college program, Sophia Bogues and the assistant principal of City College Academy of the Arts, Aixa Candanosa.  


Q. Will we be receiving new identification cards once we are able to attend the college courses?

A. Yes, you will! You will be treated just like a college student. We are expecting your behavior to match that of a college student's so we are going to be treating you all like one.


Q. What is the GPA I need to maintain in order to take classes at City College of New York?

A. In order for you to take classes at City College of New York, you need to maintain your GPA above 2.5.

If you have any other specific questions about our program, please, feel free to contact Sophia Bogues and/or Aixa Candanosa.