EAS seminar lectures Spring 2020

1 31-Jan Dr. Anne Thompson  The SCOAPE (Satellite Coastal Oceanic and Atmospheric Pollution Experiment) May 2019: An Air Quality and Remote Sensing Cruise in the Gulf of Mexico Maria Tzortziou
2 7-Feb Nancy Duarte - TED Talk  The secret structure of great talks Maria Tzortziou
3 14-Feb Two 15-minute (AGU style) talks presented by Dr. Brice Grunert and Mr. Brian Lamb Variability and degradation of colored dissolved organic matter along the Yukon River-plume-coastal ocean continuum Maria Tzortziou
Satellite-based characterizations of tidal wetland hydrology to provide volumetric water flux estimates in support of wetland-estuary biogeochemical exchange characterization
4 21-Feb Prof. Jorge Corredor


Maria Tzortziou
5 28-Feb Prof. Emily Raboteau Communicating Climate Change Maria Tzortziou
6 6-Mar  Dr. Rick Kropp (Lawrenceville, NJ)  Developing Groundwater Potential Maps for Arid Regions of Kenya and Ethiopia Maria Tzortziou
7 13-Mar Dr. Jay Herman (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) DSCOVER/EPIC Maria Tzortziou
8 20-Mar TBD TBD Maria Tzortziou
9 27-Mar

Dr. Nima Pahlevan (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

TBD Maria Tzortziou
10 3-Apr Dr. Virginia Burkett Climate Change:  A Synthesis of Current Scientific Understanding and Implications for Sustainability   Maria Tzortziou
11 17-Apr Dr. Philip Orton Coastal storm surge, probabilistic assessment of coastal floods and climate change, and mitigation or adaptation to coastal hazards Maria Tzortziou
12 24-Apr Dr. Alan Blumberg (Jupiter Intelligence) TBD Ben Black
13 1-May Dr. Henry Jones (Reston, VA)  TBD Maria Tzortziou
14 8-May Prof. Ying Cui How the past carbon cycle relates to the present Ben Black

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