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Economics and Business

Economics and Business

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Economics is the study of how people choose to use resources. Economists study changes occurring in specific countries or individual sectors of an economy; some ask fundamental questions about the nature of economic decisions; some address proposals to change government policies.

Given the impact of economic forces on our daily lives, the strong interest in economics is understandable. Studying economics provides a logical and consistent framework for understanding such basic concepts as inflation, the function of money, and budget deficits. By providing an introduction to economic analysis, students are better able to think critically about policy proposals that emerge from Washington and are debated in the mass media. In addition, students gain a working knowledge of how the economy operates and adjusts to changing economic conditions.

Taking economics courses, however, provides more than mere insights into the functioning of economies. Economics is a field of growing importance as preparation for both a variety of careers and programs of advanced study. Recent surveys of liberal arts colleges and universities indicate that Economics continues to rank among the most popular majors chosen by undergraduates, and the majority of students enroll in introductory courses in economics during their undergraduate careers.



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