Substitute Teaching Certification

Here are the steps for becoming a NYC Substitute teacher.

  1. A principal must write a nomination letter and submit online to the NYC DOE.
  2. Once you have been nominated you will receive an e-mail to submit an application online.
  3. After submitting an application you will schedule a date from a list to  attend a substitute teacher assessment at the NYCDOE headquarters. You will receive a separate e-mail with a bar-coded invitation for the date you selected.

    At this assessment you will need to bring:
    A)  A government-issued photo-ID (e.g., NYCDOE, Driver's License or Passport)
    B) Original copy of your Bachelor's degree and copy to submit
    C) Original bar coded invitation (sent to you after registration on-line)
    D) $30.00 US Money Order
    Additionally if you are not a certified teacher, you will take a writing assessment,  After finishing the writing assessment you will have a brief interview with a DOE employee.  You can choose to be fingerprinted after the assessment workshop.  A check, credit card or money order is acceptable for the amount of $115. Also, you may be phographed for your smart card.
  4. After completing the assessment workshop , you will be contacted to schedule a processing workshop which includes information regarding SubCentral and the Blood Pathogens Workshop.  There is a laundry list of items which must be completed BEFORE attending this workshop.  You will be scheduling this appointment a few weeks in advance so you will have plenty of time to complete and obtain everything.

    These items include:
    •  Degree(s) AND Original transcript(s) (with degree conferred stated), and one copy for submission.  Note:  A candidate presenting a document in a language other than English, must also present an English language translation (original and one copy for submission). 
    • A government issued picture ID to present: Passport, green card, naturalization certificate, military ID, US driver's license.
    • Bar Coded invitation$50.00 US Money Order payable to the NYC Department of Education (personal checks, cash and credit cards are not accepted)
    • Proof of attending the Child Abuse and School Violence Prevention workshops.  Note: A New York State Teaching Certificate may be submitted as proof of fulfilling these requirements.  For information on these workshops and providers (including distance learning workshops), visit:
    • Proof of passing the New York State Liberal Arts & Science Test (LAST) OR proof of registering for this examination.
    • Medical form (i.e., Tuberculosis Test form) completed, signed and stamped by a physician.  The TB test and chest x-ray results are valid only for a period of 6 and 12 months, respectively.  You may utilize one of the NYC chest centers that offers free TB testing throughout the five boroughs.
    • Print the Medical Form
    • Proof of completing SubHub on-line training program. This training consists of five separate courses and takes approximately ten hours in total to complete.  Certificates of completion must be submitted.  You do not have to pay a fee on-line for this training, provided you carefully follow the instructions provided (follow link below) and use the same First Name, Last Name and E-Mail Address you furnished during your application for this position.
    • To print the Instructions to access and register with SubHub, visit:
    • Proof of fingerprinting.  If you have not been fingerprinted or photographed by the NYCDOE, you must be fingerprinted and photographed by the New York City Department of Education prior to your appointment date.  Please visit the 5th Floor reception desk at 65 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, to pick up a signed referral form and then proceed to Room 102.  Fingerprinting services are available between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  You MUST bring a personal check or money order for $115 (made payable to "NYCDOE/DHR") or a Credit Card (MC, VISA, Discover) for payment of the fingerprinting fee.  For additional fingerprinting requirements, please print Form I9 using the link below.  Candidates who have sent their fingerprints to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in the past need NOT be fingerprinted again or pay the fee.  However, they must:

Once all of this information is processed, you be receive a NYC DOE file number in the mail which will allow you to register for SubCentral and get paid.  The current rate is $154.97 per diem.