Where We are Now

The City College School of Education is a community of scholar-practitioners who are committed to the practice and improvement of urban education.

You will have an opportunity to work with faculty who blend knowledge derived from multiple theoretical perspectives with an appreciation for excellent clinical practice and a deep understanding of the challenges facing urban teachers in the 21st century.

Connecting with a rich array of city institutions is vital in order to create the contexts for learning that are critical to our students' success. We partner with schools, other agencies serving children and youth, and a variety of cultural institutions to create field-based experiences that provide our students with the skills of clinical practice they will need as teachers.

Our programs include undergraduate teacher preparation in several areas, Masters Degrees leading to professional as well as initial certification, and Advanced Certificates that enable experienced practitioners to continue to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address the most critical needs facing urban schools.


The Department of Philosophy

In 1897, the Department of Philosophy introduces courses in "History of Education" and "Principles and Practices of Education," and announces a three-year program for students intending to teach. In the same year, Legislation is passed in New York State, requiring common school teachers to have a course in pedagogy. In 1900, CCNY introduces a three-year course in pedagogy, including training in logic, psychology, and teaching methods.

The Department of Education

In 1906, CCNY establishes the Department of Education and Dr. Stephen P. Duggan (CCNY 1890) becomes the first head of the Department. During the academic year 1906-07, the College moves from the old building on 23rd Street and Lexington Avenue to the new uptown campus, and the Department of Education is located in the Main Building, now know as the historic Shepard Hall.

In 1913, the Department establishes a fully equipped Educational Clinic, including a complete Montessori material. In 1914, evening courses in Education are introduced. In 1917, women are first admitted to the college. Professor Duggan is succeeded by Professor Paul Klapper (CCNY 1904).

The School of Education

In 1921, the City College of New York (CCNY) School of Education was established and the following year (1922), Professor Klapper was appointed as Dean of the School of Education. He served for 15 years (until 1937) when he became the first president of Queens College. The subsequent Deans have included Professor Samuel B. Heckman, Esek Ray Mosher, Egbert M. Turner, Harold H. Abelson, Doyle M. Bortner, Joshua L. Smith, Arnold W. Webb, James L. Neujahr, Leonard Beckum, Martin Marin, David Bushler, Samuel Frank, Edward R. Lilly, Alfred S. Posamentier, Doris Cintron, Gretchen Johnson, Mary E. Driscoll, and Edwin M. Lamboy.

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