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Center for School Development - CSD

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Center for School Development - CSD

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Since 1998, The Center for School Development has been providing professional development to K-12 teachers in a number of areas, most recently in  technology integration around social studies and science curriculum areas. These include CultureQuest, which  was initiated in 2001 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and has been continued with grants from other federal, state and foundation sources. CultureQuest shows teachers how their students can learn about other countries and cultures through the information, communication and publication capabilities of the Internet. Students read about other countries on the Internet, communicate (via e-mail or telecommunication) with peers and experts in other countries, and publish their work online at a CultureQuest web site. Workshops model for teachers how technology can facilitate project-centered, inquiry-based classroom approaches with their students. In addition, our work led to the creation of CultureQuest project sites in several cities in the US and around the world. ScienceQuest was initiated five years ago and provides the same technology training integrated into science curriculum.

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