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Certification - Applications

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Certification - Applications

The State has launched its new TEACHer Certification Help (TEACH) system.  This system allows candidates to apply for certification online, and allows the college to issue a certification recommendation online.  Click the TEACH link to the left for detailed information on TEACH.

ALLCandidates applying for certification must use the TEACH ONLINE SERVICES Application System.  The state will no longer accept paper applications.  All information required to apply via the TEACH System is available on this website and on the TEACH Instruction Sheet.

**PLEASE NOTE:  Applicants for PROVISIONAL certificates must select PERMANENT, as there is currently no option for the Provisional.  If you have not satisfied the requirements for Permanent certification, the state will issue the Provisional in its stead.  

You cannot receive an institutional recommendation until you have completed your program.  You may, however, create your online profile and begin the application process via TEACH at any time.  The TEACH system will keep your application information on file until you are able to confirm completion of your program and CCNY can verify your program completion by issuing an institutional recommendation.
Degrees are conferred in February, June, and September of each year.   Candidates are reminded to file for graduation in their last semester, before the deadline set forth by the registrar's office. Failure to do so will require a candidate to apply for graduation for the next graduation period; February, June, or September.  Additionally, if a candidate applies for graduation but does not meet the requirements for graduation, an application for graduation will have to be resubmitted for the next graduation period.  Errors of this sort may delay your certification for 3 – 6 months as you wait for the next graduation period. Certificates are issued year round, but with an effective date of either February or September of each year.

There is no deadline for submitting your certification application, but candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as they have completed their program, so that the certificate can be issued as quickly as possible. Applicants should submit their application early enough to allow the State time to process and issue their certification before it is required for a position.  Although the new online process should allow certificates to be issued almost overnight, it would be very wise to allow enough time for the state to verify any information they may need to, as well as allow for unexpected occurances.