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Faculty Expertise Guide - Special Education

School of Education

Faculty Expertise Guide - Special Education

Yvel C. Crevecoeur

  • Learning Disabilities
  • English-language Learners
  • Evidence-based Practices (Interest areas: Reading & Writing)

Laura Rader

  • Assistive Technology
  • Classroom and Behavior Management
  • Differentiated Instruction (grades 1-6)
  • Literacy Instruction for struggling Learners
  • Special Education Law

Marvin Stober

  • Special Education Quality Assurance and compliance
  • Collaborative Team Teaching
  • Differentiated Instruction (in inclusive and self contained settings)
  • Data based instructional planning

Jan Valle

  • Disability Studies in Education
  • Inclusive Education (e.g. Collaborative Team Teaching, Differentiated Instruction)
  • Home/School Relationships
  • Parents of Children with Disabilities
  • Intersectionality of Race, Class, Gender, and Disability
  • Social Construction of Disability
  • Special Education Law