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Graduate Prospective Students Frequently Asked Questions

School of Education

Graduate Prospective Students Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application requirements to apply for the School of Education (SoE)?

Requirements are: 

  • Completed online application accessible through link for online application)
  • Three letters of recommendation: Two professional (Professor, Principal, AP, Supervisor),  one personal (co-worker, anyone that has known you for more than one year)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges applicant has attended mailed directly to:
    Graduate Admissions & Student Services
    School of Education
    The City College of New York
    160 Convent Avenue, NA 3/223A
    New York, NY  10031
  • Application fee of $125, mailed directly to the SoE Graduate Admissions' Office.
  • Applicants to initial certification program tracks must submit the NYSTEC score report of the ALST. For initial certification tracks in English and Social Studies Education, the CST is required. Please note that applicants to programs in Literacy and Educational Leadership must already hold initial certification. In this case, a copy of the NYSET issued certificate must be submitted with your application materials. 

What is the minimum GPA to be considered for the SOE graduate program?

Minimum GPA required is 3.0

How many years do students usually take to finish the graduate program?

That depends on the program and how many courses you choose to take during the semesters. However, two years is typical.

What if I need to take Pre-requisite Courses?

Your advisor will help you plan for these courses. 

What if I need courses before I start the program? Should I complete those courses before applying to the program?

That depends on the program. If you are deficient in any liberal arts course work, the program can choose to add those courses to your program outline and you can complete the work prior to your last semester. Many liberal arts courses may be taken at the undergraduate level or at other colleges. Check with your advisor before registering for these courses.

How much does the program cost?

Access tuition information via: /bursar/tuition-and-fee-information

What happens once my application is submitted?

The SOE graduate degree processors begin to compile your supplemental materials in preparation for faculty review after the deadline date and will contact you by email if there are any missing materials.

When are interviews/on-site essays scheduled?

Interviews and on-site essays are scheduled (approximately) within a  three-week window, following the close of the application deadline. The SOE program office will send out email communiques or phone calls to schedule interviews.