Final edTPA

Dear Seminar Instructors,

This is a reminder to all seminar instructors from Leonard Lewis. Please be sure to share this information with your edTPA students.
In order to ensure that the School of Education has access to the FINAL edTPA portfolios submitted to Pearson for evaluation, the following procedures need to be followed: 

  1. All student teachers and seminar instructors (and/or supervisors) must be enrolled into their respective program edTPA Assessment Folio on TaskStream. They must access the folio that says (CURRENT) and NOT (2013). Please check with Leonard Lewis if unsure or if access to the correct folio is needed.
  2. After completing a task, student teachers should be encouraged to submit their individual tasks to the seminar instructor with the REQUEST COMMENTS feature on TaskStream. Seminar instructors could then provide feedback, or simply acknowledge receipt of the task submitted.
  3. After completing the last task, the student teacher MUST first submit the final edTPA portfolio to the Pearson website for scoring.
  4. After successfully submitting the completed edTPA portfolio to the Pearson website for scoring, the student teacher must next click on the SUBMIT WORK button in TaskStream to submit the Final edTPA portfolio to his/her seminar instructor. They should follow the instructions in the Quick Start edTPA TaskStream guide to submit the edTPA portfolio for evaluation in TaskStream.
  5. This procedure ensures that the School of Education has access to the completed edTPA portfolios on TaskStream.