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NOYCE Teacher Academy at CCNY

School of Education

NOYCE Teacher Academy at CCNY

What is the NOYCE Teacher Academy Program at CCNY? NOYCE logo

The NOYCE Teacher Academy at CCNY (NOYCE TA at CCNY) is an exciting new program whose aim is to prepare a new generation of exceptional teachers who will produce high levels of student achievement and inspire New York City middle and high school students' interest in mathematics and science. NOYCE TA scholars are talented and motivated. At CCNY they find others who share a passion for mathematics and science and dedication to public service.

The program is funded by the National Science Foundation.
The NOYCE TA program's aim is to take highly qualified students with an interest in mathematics and science who want to make a difference and provide a carefully designed program to produce accomplished mathematicians and scientists who, through the guidance of outstanding CUNY faculty and regular participation in New York City classrooms, are masters of the art of teaching.

Program Highlights

  • Full tuition, stipend and fees scholarship for the last two years of your Bachelors degree (up to $16,000 over two years)
  • A stipend-paid, no-obligation internship prior to the scholarship, to help students explore the possibility of a career in teaching
  • Access to summer internships pertaining to STEM and education
  • Opportunities for supplementary scholarships and stipends
  • Special seminars with invited speakers on issues pertaining to urban education
  • Special classes with other fellow NOYCE TA Scholars
  • A dedicated space at CCNY to study and meet and work with fellow NOYCE TA Scholars
  • Faculty mentors in education, mathematics and science ensuring that Scholars begin on track and stay on track toward graduation
  • Intensive internships in NYC public schools while apprenticing with master teachers
  • Eligibility for full-time teaching positions in NYC schools upon successful completion of the program
  • Support during the first two years of teaching

What are the admissions requirements?

Criteria for college applicants include:

  • An overall average of 3.0 or higher in mathematics and science courses (if a student's GPA is currently below 3.0 but he/she is interested, please contact us to discuss each case individually).
  • Successful completion of 30 College Credits, preferably with 15 credits in mathematics and science courses
  • Recommendation from a mathematics, engineering or science professor
  • Demonstrated interest in teaching in NYC Public Schools through your personal essay

What to do if I am interested in exploring this idea?

Contact us! We will set up a meeting to discuss the fellowship with you and help you make a decision. Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Bruce Billig.


Program Information