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Office of Clinical Practice - FAQs - Fieldwork

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Office of Clinical Practice - FAQs - Fieldwork

What is fieldwork?

Fieldwork experiences are integrated with education courses to help make you make connections between theory and practice. You will have a variety of experiences in diverse settings.

When do I do fieldwork?

The candidate coordinates his/her schedule with the fieldwork site. Keep in mind to leave a block of time in your schedule that includes travel time. Generally, candidates devote a morning or two a week to fieldwork.

How many hours do I have to complete?

Each course has its own requirements that range from 8 to 45 hours of fieldwork. Just about every course in every program has fieldwork built in (see list of courses and required fieldwork hours). Keep in mind that 100 hours of fieldwork needs to be completed prior to student teaching.

List of Graduate Fieldwork Courses and required hours (pdf format)

List of Undergraduate Fieldwork Courses and required hours (pdf format)

How and where do I get placed?

Placements are arranged around the course. Specific schools are chosen to meet the requirements for particular courses. Once your medical form and schedule cards have been received, you will be placed as soon as placement is confirmed. This process is lengthy and can take several weeks.

How is fieldwork graded?

Most courses that have fieldwork factor in the fieldwork requriements as a percentage of your grade. Your completed fieldwork timesheets must be submitted to the Office of Field Experiences no later than the end of the semester.