Office of Clinical Practice - FAQs - Fieldwork

What is fieldwork?

Fieldwork experience is defined by the New York State Commission of Education as “direct observation of teaching, participation in teaching or teaching itself that is related to the teacher education program”. Fieldwork will primarily be in school settings, however, some courses may require attendance at community board meetings, community-based organizations, or museums.  Classrooms and other appropriate settings will be chosen to support student learning and will be aligned with the requirements of the course and the students’ needs.

When do I do fieldwork?

The schedule of school visits will be determined by the student and the cooperating teacher. Keep in mind to leave a block of time in your schedule that includes travel time. Generally, candidates devote a morning or two a week to fieldwork.

How many hours do I have to complete?

Each course has its own requirements that range from 5 to 45 hours of fieldwork. Just about every course in every program has fieldwork built in (see list of courses and required fieldwork hours). Students must complete at least 100 clock hours of fieldwork experiences prior to beginning student teaching in order to meet New York State certification requirements. Students who are doing more than 40 hours of fieldwork in a semester, MUST be fingerprinted by the Department of Education prior to being placed by the Office of Clinical Practice. Visit the OCP for more information about fingerprinting.

Copies of the following documents can be picked up from the Office of Clinical Practice located in the North Academic Center, Room 6/207A:

  • List of Graduate Courses with Fieldwork – EDSE and EDUC
  • List of Graduate Courses with Fieldwork – EDCE
  • List of Special Education Courses with Fieldwork – SPED
  • List of Undergraduate Courses with Fieldwork – EDCE and EDSE

How and where do I get placed?

Students who need to be placed must come to the OCP and fill out a Placement Request Form. Placements are arranged around the course. Specific schools are chosen to meet the requirements for particular courses. All students, who are not already working as a teacher in a public school, are required to submit a negative Tuberculin skin test or a chest X-ray result to the Office of Clinical Practice (NAC 6/207A) prior to placement. Please note that some school sites may require that the skin test result must have been taken within one year prior to the first day of fieldwork.  See the OCP Staff for the TB Test form.  The Wellness and Counseling Center (Marshak Building, Room J15) offers a one-time free test to CCNY students.  You may also use your own physician or you may call 311 for information concerning the free Health Department Chest X-Ray Centers.  Reminder: Your completed TB test form must be brought to the OCP before you can begin your fieldwork. Once your medical form and Placement Request Form have been received, you will be placed as soon as a placement is confirmed by the school. The process is lengthy and may take up to 2 weeks.

How is fieldwork graded?

Most courses that have fieldwork factor in the fieldwork requriements as a percentage of your grade. Your completed fieldwork timesheets must be submitted to the Office of Field Experiences no later than the end of the semester. This information may be found in the course syllabus.