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Office of Clinical Practice - FAQs - Student Teaching

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Office of Clinical Practice - FAQs - Student Teaching

When and how do I apply for student teaching?

Student teaching is the culminating experience in your teacher education program and should be completed during your last term at the college. Applications for student teaching are available in late September for the Spring term and early February for the Fall term. Once you pick up the application be sure to make an appointment with your advisor. For further information look at the Student Teaching Handbook and Forms, Applications and Checklists links.

How do I register for student teaching?

Registration for student teaching and student teaching classes is taken care of for you by the Office of Field Experiences after you have been approved for student teaching. Only the student teaching courses will be taken care of for you. You will be responsible for registering for any other course work that has been approved by the Committee of Student Services during the regular registration period.

How are student teachers placed?

Choosing placements for student teachers is multi-faceted. Many things are considered: travel time, supervisor match and teacher match. Choosing the right placement is important in your development as a teacher.  The student teacher manager in the OFE places all student teachers in collaboration with the program advisors.

Can I choose my own site? 

Candidates are not permitted to set-up their own placements. The Office of Field Experiences and faculty are responsible for working with schools to choose placements.

How much time is required for student teaching?

300 hours of student teaching is required for all undergraduate programs, and the following graduate programs: Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education, and all Secondary Education subject areas. Hours for the other Graduate programs will vary according to what Stream you have been accepted into.

What happens if I am ineligible?

If your application has been denied, you may see your advisor for next steps. The letter from the OFE generally states why your application has been denied. If you feel that your application was unjustly considered you may appeal to the Committee of Course and Standing.

Must I be fingerprinted in order to student teach?

Yes, all approved student teachers must be fingerprinted by the NYCDOE at 65 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, as part of the student teaching process.  As soon as your fingerprints clear (approximately forty-eight hours), the NYCDOE will issue you a Student Teacher ID card which you must use in order to be admitted to your NYCDOE school site.  The fingerprinting fee is $115.

What is supervised student teaching?

This is for those candidates who are seeking Initial Certification when they are the teacher of record in a classroom setting for their program and will be observed by our college supervisor in this class. This usually occurs when a candidate is teaching in a private or parochial school setting.