Top Technology Dos and Don'ts for Students

  1. Set up of the CCNY email account:
    It is important for you to know how to access your CCNY email because the communication with your professor as well as Bursars and other CCNY offices will occur via that email address.
    Access your email account
  2. Learn why and how to access Blackboard
  3. Find available resources in the Library
  4. Know about the CUNY Technology Services:
    Blackboard, CUNYfirst, DegreeWorks, CUNYAlert, Library, Office 365 for Education, Office ProPlus, Dropbox, CUNY Academic Commons, Cloud Virtual Desktop, Gartner, CUNYfirst MyInfo, eMall, McAfee, Maplesoft.
  5. Update your computer:
    These are the most important areas you need to keep up to date or check on your computer regularly to keep your system free from viruses and Internet threats:
  6. Free virus scan applications:
  7. Backup your data (flash, hard drive, etc.) at least weekly:
    The best way to backup your system depends on your use, needs, and system. These articles will help you to choose the best solution:
  8. Internet Safety
  9. Know how to use a flash drive (e.g. ejecting)
  10. Be aware of the Copyright Laws because they also apply to online content:
  11. Technology and Teaching Resources:
  12. Software: