The JFEW STEM CDI Scholars program is designed to support a subgroup of STEM CDI women who will serve as your colleagues and professional network over the next two-three years and beyond.  JFEW's mission is to help women achieve their educational and career goals.  

To qualify, you must apply and be selected for STEM CDI or CHSC, maintain a full-time courseload, maintain a 3.0 GPA (2.8 GPA for engineering majors), be a US citizen/US permanent resident/DACA student, and have financial need (as verified by the financial aid office on campus).

In addition, you must write a short statement about how you would benefit from this scholarship.

If you are selected as a JFEW STEM CDI Scholar, you receive 3 years of academic year support (provided you maintain full-time courseload and your GPA) of up to $3500 per year, and a $3500 stipend for an unpaid summer internship.

Recruitment and selection for the next JFEW cohort will take place in Spring 2018. JFEW Scholars must have sophomore status at the College by Fall 2018. Participation for that cohort begins in Fall 2018.


The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women (JFEW) is a New York City-based, nonsectarian organization helping women with financial need meet their educational and career goals through scholarships and opportunities for professional development. In partnership with schools and nonprofits, JFEW fosters a community of women dedicated to education, professional achievement and who contribute to society.