James Baldwin: Music, Drugs, & Black Masculinity

A reading and discussion seminar in 4 sessions.
(Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions.)

Monday, March 7
5-6:30pm, Rifkind Room, NAC 6/316
On “Sonny’s Blues”

Monday, March 14
5-6:30pm, Rifkind Room, NAC 6/316
On Go Tell It on the Mountain (Chapter: “Gabriel’s Prayer”)

Saturday, March 19 (with Herb Boyd)
3-5pm @ Tsion Café (St. Nicholas Blvd & 148th St.)
How Baldwin’s fiction mirrors his life.

Monday, March 21
5-6:30pm, Rifkind Room, NAC 6/316
On Another Country (Book 1)

Sessions will be facilitated by Gordon Thompson, Professor of English at CUNY/City College

RSVP encouraged (via email - gthompson@ccny.cuny.edu )
Refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by The New York Council on the Humanities and the City College English Department. 

NYCH offers such programs as an opportunity for the public to engage in free and open discussions about literature and the arts. The City College series concentrates on the fiction of James Baldwin, that consummate Harlem native, who confronted issues associated with Black Jazz musicians of the 1950's and 60's and their drug use. Baldwin's extraordinary storytelling skills will be unpacked to better appreciate the beautiful techniques Baldwin uses to reveal the inner life of black men confronted with issues of race, religion, and sexuality.