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European Joint Master's Degree in English & American Studies


European Joint Master's Degree in English & American Studies

The City College Master's Program in English participates in a Joint Master’s program in English and American Studies in cooperation with seven European Partners:

The program offers students pursuing a Master's in the English Department at City the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of the partner universities as part of their coursework. The program is open to both prospective and continuing MA students, but the number of places per semester is limited. If you are interested in applying or have additional questions about the program, please contact by e-mail the City College liaison, Professor András Kisery

For more information about the program, visit



Participation in the program is open to students registered for one of the following MA programs offered by the English Department at City College:

  • MA in Language and Literacy
  • MA in Literature



On completion of the program, you will receive

1.    The City College MA degree.

2.    Joint Degree certificate.  Please note that this document certifies that the student has participated in the Joint Master ’s program and does not replace the official diploma/certificate which is issued by the degree awarding universities in some cases, you will also be awarded the local degree of your mobility university. Contact the program coordinator of your chosen mobility university for further information.



The program normally takes two years (four semesters) to complete.

To be awarded the Joint Degree certificate, students take compulsory taught credits in linguistics, literary studies, and cultural studies as well as in language proficiency. The remaining taught credits should be taken in the specialist field of their choice: linguistics, literary studies or cultural studies. Students are also required to submit an MA thesis, which will be evaluated by their supervisors in City and a faculty member from one of the partner universities.

Students must spend one semester studying at one of the European partner universities and gain 30 ECTS (European Credits). This semester is referred to as a mobility semester.

European Partners



Semesters 1 & 2: City College students follow the normal program stipulated for their program at City College.

Semester 3: spent on mobility at a partner university where students take classes required to fulfill the requirements to be awarded the Joint Degree certificate. In practice, this means that MA in Literature students would mostly take classes in linguistics and cultural studies as well as in a foreign language. MA in Language and Literacy would take classes in literature, cultural studies, linguistics, as well as in a foreign language.

Semester 4: Students take any remaining classes at City College which are required for their City College degree, and write the MA thesis.

Students who apply after having completed some courses in one of the CCNY MA programs are usually able to go on their mobility semester during the first academic year for which they are admitted to the Joint Program.



All of the partner universities are located in attractive cities. It is important that you think carefully about your preferred mobility university. Here are some points which are worth considering:

  • Language: you will be required to take foreign language classes at your mobility university, so you should consider which language you wish to learn: French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish.
  • The academic program offered at each university. For guidance, consult the current course offers on the Joint Degree page of each partner university.
  • What benefits each university offers (including financial benefits):

IMPORTANT: Students don’t pay fees to their mobility university, but may have to pay small administrative charges. City College students must remain registered at City College while they are on mobility and pay full-time tuition, registering for study abroad credits.

The European partner universities may offer certain benefits, including financial, to City College students. For information on this, please contact the program coordinator of the university or universities which you are interested in.

To contact the program coordinators of the partner universities, visit



To apply for the program, complete the online application form. The call for the academic year 2018-19 opened on February 1st and closes on April 9th.


If you are interested in participating in the Joint Master’s program, you should

  • Consult the program website
  • Contact the program coordinator at City College:

Prof. András Kiséry (

CCNY Division of Humanities and the Arts
NAC 6/218D
160 Convent Ave
New York, NY 10031