Master of Arts in Literature


The Literature Program attracts students of all ages of varied personal, educational, and artistic backgrounds. They reflect the riches of New York in both human and literary terms. Part-time study, evening classes, and affordable tuition underscore the Program's commitment to academic diversity and to the needs of working students. It offers courses for diverse professional and personal goals.

MA Program in English Literature

Fall Application Deadline: May 01
Spring Application Deadline: November 15



1. Thirty credits are required for the degree, six of which may be taken outside of the concentration after consultation with and approval by the Director of the Literature Program, and three of which are given for thesis tutorial. The Graduate English courses are worth three credits each.

2. To fulfill the thesis requirement, students will compose an essay of 8,000-13,000 words (including references) in the genre of an academic article intended for a peer-reviewed journal. The topic of the essay will be selected in conference with a member of the full-time faculty whom the student has asked to serve in the capacity of thesis mentor.

3. M.A. Literature students must also pass the Comprehensive Exam before graduation. This exam is given once every semester. More information and sample exams are available in the Graduate Office.

4. Before the M.A. degree can be earned, a foreign translation exam, given once a semester, must be passed.  Alternatively, students may fulfill the foreign language requirement by successfully completing specially designated language courses.

5. Full-time study consists of three literature seminars, and in the final semester, additionally the thesis tutorial. (Over the course of the program up to two Creative Writing workshops may be substituted for literature courses, with the approval of the Director.) Part-time study, taking one or two courses a semester, is common in the program.




Professor Andras Kisery ( )
Location: NAC 6/252
Contact: 212-650-6334

Spring 2020 Advising Hours: By appointment


*For other times, please contact the main office, 212-650-5407.

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