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CUNYfirst Procurement Category Codes

Finance and Administration

CUNYfirst Procurement Category Codes

When creating requisitions in CUNYfirst, Requesters play a key role toward ensuring that goods and services are properly expensed to appropriate department budget accounts, through their selection of accurate category codes. 

Category codes are used to expense commodities and services (expense codes).  Proper expensing has implications for department budget and future funding decisions.

Category codes determine category accounts, (also known as expense accounts), which in turn, determines the department budget account that is charged, (e.g. NPS Supplies and Materials, NPS Misc. Contractual Services, NPS Equipment and Acquisitions):


Requesters should never use "ALL ITEMS" or "NON-CATALOG" when selecting category codes during the requisition creation process in CUNYfirst.

When shipping charges are included as a separate line item in a requisition, use the following category code for shipping amounts:

  • 7810000000 - Mail and Cargo Transport (expenses to NPS Misc. Contractual Services - 80122)


Requesters must pay special attention to the use of appropriate category codes when preparing CUNYfirst requisitions for the purchase of equipment, other assets and "sensitive" purchases. 

Sensitive items are defined as selected purchases whose purchase price is less than clip levels (<$5000, <$1,000) and have been identified by CUNY to be tagged and inventoried; e.g. computer equipment, computer accessories, printers, cell phones, etc.  Category codes for sensitive items end in "2".

Equipment, computer equipment and other acquisitions with a purchase price >=$5,000 are considered assets and will be depreciated.
Below are links to lists of "most used" category codes and their corresponding budgetary and category accounts, (i.e. expense accounts), for your reference when creating requisitions in CUNYfirst:

Budgetary Account Budgetary Account Description


Misc. Contractual Services

Non-sensitive Items

Sensitive Software <$1,000

Software Assets >=$1,000

Building Improvements >=$25,000


NPS Equipment and Acquisitions

Non-sensitive Items

Sensitive Hardware <$1,000 (computer equipment/computer accessories/printers/multi-function printers)

Hardware Assets >=$1,000 (computer equipment/computer accessories/printers multi-function printers)

Sensitive Assets <$5,000 (equipment and vehicle)

Assets >=$5,000 (equipment/vehicle/furniture fixtures)


Note: The above referenced lists are not exhaustive.  Therefore, Requesters are encouraged to continue using the Category Code Lookup tool in CUNYfirst to search for codes that may not be listed here.

Please contact Purchasing with any questions you may have about the accurate use of category codes.