2021-2022 Downloadable Forms

The current forms, if required, are available via student's "To-Do-List" on CUNYfirst

  • Please read the instructions on the forms carefully before completing the form At this time, students can submit their signed documents through the Secure Portal online.
  • The Financial Aid Office can only accept "Handwritten/Wet Signatures".
  • Any forms, request or consent completed with lead pencil or incomplete forms will not be accepted.​
  • Follow-up with your CUNYfirst To-Do-List and check your student e-mail.
  • Parent's signatures are also required for dependent students.

Verification and Other Forms
  1. Student Aid Report Intake Checklist (SAR) - Must attach with verification worksheet
  2. V1 Dependent Verification Worksheet
  3. V4 Dependent Verification Worksheet
  4. V5 Dependent Verification Worksheet
  5. V1 Independent Verification Worksheet
  6. V4 Independent Verification Worksheet
  7. V5 Independent Verification Worksheet
  8. 2019 Verification of Non-filing Letter
  9. Additional Explanation
  10. Asset Verification
  11. Confirmation of Citizenship/Immigration Document Statement
  12. Consortium Agreement (Non-CUNY Permits)
  13. Cost of Attendance Adjustment and Expense Appeal
  14. Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Reinstatement (SAP)
  15. Independence Appeal
  16. Income Adjustment Worksheet
  17. IRS Non-Filing Statement (For parents or spouses who do not have SSN, ITIN or EIN numbers)
  18. IRS Get Transcripts Website - Verification of Non-filing Letter, Wages and Income transcript, Tax Return Transcript and more.

Federal Direct Loan Forms
Undergraduate Students

In order to apply for a loan, undergraduate students must submit a Direct Loan Processing Form on CUNYfirst. To navigate and complete the application you must have a valid 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file. Student's may cancel, reduce or request for an additional loan after completing the application on CUNYfirst. Please fill out the form. Please fill out the form and submit the form to the secure file-drop link online. 

  1. Login to "CUNYfirst"
  2. Select "Student Center"
  3. Select "Financial Aid"
  4. On the left hand side,  Click  "Direct Loan Processing Form"

Student Loan Forms

  • Reduction and Cancellation Request
  • Additional Federal Direct Loan Application

Parent PLUS Loan Application

  • Parent PLUS Loan Application (credit based loan for parent(s) of dependent undergraduate student only)
  • Parent PLUS Loan Reduction and Cancellation Request


Graduate Students

All matriculated students in a Masters or Ph.D. program, with a valid 2021-2022 FAFSA, will automatically be "packaged" with a Federal Direct Unsubsidized student loan. Graduate students may be able to accept or decline their loan.

  1. Steps: CUNYfirst navigation - Student center > Financial Aid > Award > Accept/Decline Awards

(Prior to accepting the loan, a graduate student will have the option to decrease the amount of unsubsidized loan)

Graduate Student Loan Forms

  • Summer 2021 Loan Application
  • PLUS Loan (credit based loan for Masters and Ph.D. students)
  • PLUS Loan Reduction / Cancellation Request
  • Reduction / Cancellation Request

Secure Portal - Safe electronic way to submit your documents online

The Financial Aid Office Secure Portal - Safe electronic way to submit your documents.

  1. Faster and secure way to submit required document(s).
  2. No need to be on campus or wait in line at the Financial Aid Office to submit your required documents.
  3. Documents are auto date stamped upon submission.
  4. Use your Citymail email for document submission
  5. Your Employee ID is your EMPLID Number (Student ID Number is next to your name on CUNYfirst)
  6. Handwritten/wet signature required for all financial aid documents.
  7. Documents can be submitted by using a scanner or by taking a clear picture.
  8. Please rename documents with your name and EMPLID. Ex. 12345678 John Doe Verification, 12345678 John Doe 2019 Federal Tax Transcript.
  9. Secure filedrop

Special note for students and families with income loss

Students who experience a loss in income based on the COVID-19 pandemic, may qualify for additional federal student assistance. When completing the FAFSA, a student reports income information from two years prior. If you have had a loss in income and previously did not qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, you may be eligible for additional funds based on an income adjustment. Possible circumstances may include unemployment, death of a wage-earner (parent, if dependent; spouse, if independent), divorce, loss of untaxed income (such as child support). A review of your circumstance will require income and substantiating support documentation for the circumstance.

CUNY COVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions

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