Grainger/Edge Punchout Marketplace

Grainger Edge Punchout

The Grainger/Edge Punchout Marketplace is CUNY’s new e-commerce shopping experience for the acquisition of Maintenance, Repairs and Operation (MRO) goods with unit cost under $5,000.00.  By leveraging this function, CUNY users will now have direct access to all Grainger/Edge contracted items through CUNYfirst.  

Requestors will punch-out from the CUNYfirst requisition module into the Grainger/Edge website, where they may easily view and add items to a shopping cart, which will populate a CUNYfirst requisition. Once the requisition receives all approvals, it will be sourced to a Purchase Order bypassing the campus purchasing office and transmitted to Grainger three (3) times per day (10:30am, 1:30pm and 4:30pm).

Implementation of the Grainger/Edge Punchout will simplify the procure-to-pay process by eliminating many administrative task and will provide full transparency into items being ordered as line item details will now reside in CUNYfirst. Departments will no longer need to create and manage a blanket purchase order for MRO supplies. With all of the colleges utilizing this process for ordering products from Grainger/Edge, CUNY will be able to use the data that is collected to negotiate better pricing for the University on an on-going basis.

Additional information about the marketplace and instructions on how to use it can be found at

If you have any questions about the new Grainger/Edge Punchout Marketplace, please be sure to speak with your department’s designated procurement official.

Important Note: Currently, some COVID-19 related supplies may not be available on the punchout due to high demand and limited supplies. For these items, users must contact their Grainger/Edge sales representative for a quote and create a regular CUNYfirst requisition that must be processed by the Purchasing Department.