NYSHIP SEHP is the umbrella for all the medical services you are eligible to receive as a member of this plan. The different kinds of benefits (hospital care, surgery, dentistry, etc.) are administered by a number of different service providers. All of your benefits, except for vision and dental, are administered by the Empire Plan, who in turn sub-contracts specific services out to various providers.

What specific criteria needs to be met before I can enroll in NYSHIP?

To enroll in NYSHIP, you need to:

  • Be a matriculated doctoral student in a CUNY graduate program
  • Be appointed to one of the following titles:

-Graduate Assistant A, B, C, D

-Adjunct Lecturer

-Non-Teaching Adjunct

-Adjunct College Laboratory Technician

-Adjunct Instructor

  • Earn at least $2,061 (per semester) or $4,122 (per year) working in one of the titles above

How do I enroll in NYSHIP SEHP?

Speak with your department administrator or your mentor to ensure you have been appointed to an eligible NYSHIP title. Then complete a NYSHIP enrollment form and submit to Ms. Kristina Seecharran, Human Resources, SH 50.


Which documents do I need to enroll in NYSHIP SEHP?

Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and Enrollment Request (Completed PS-404G Form)

Information for enrolling dependents can be found at the link below:



How do I add my newborn to my NYSHIP SEHP coverage?

You will need to complete a new NYSHIP enrollment form within 30 days of the birth and submit to Human Resources along with the child’s birth certificate and social security card. If you have not received these documents yet, we will accept the child’s discharge papers/footprints from the hospital. Once you receive the birth certificate and social security card, submit the documents to Human Resources immediately.


When is my NYSHIP SEHP coverage active?

What is the cost of NYSHIP?

Effective January 1, 2019 the employee share of the biweekly premium for medical/dental/vision coverage for enrollees in the NYSHIP Student Employee Health Plan will be:

Individual coverage: $16.91

Family coverage: $118.85

Can I manage my NYSHIP account online?

Yes. Use this link to access your NYSHIP account:


I transferred from the Graduate Center, do I still get NYSHIP benefits?

Yes. If you are enrolled in NYSHIP and transfer to a NYSHIP-eligible title at a new college you must fill out a payroll transfer form to insure your continuity of coverage.


My title changed, do I need to tell Human Resources?

Yes. You will also need to complete a NYSHIP Change in Title form. Failure to submit a Change in Title form may result in termination of coverage.


I have been appointed to a Non-Teaching Adjunct title; do I need to submit a timesheet to Human Resources?

Yes. Non-Teaching Adjunct timesheets should be submitted to Human Resources in SH 50. Timesheet inquiries should be directed to Ms. Judith Disla or Ms. Shamaya Green in SH 53A. Failure to submit timesheets promptly may result in termination of coverage

How do I know if my NYSHIP SEHP coverage is active?

NYSHIP SEHP coverage inquiries can be answered by calling NYSHIP customer service at (877) 769-7447.


Am I covered during the summer when I am not working?

Yes. Eligible employees who are employed in the spring semester and are expected to return in the subsequent fall semester are eligible for an employer contribution during the intervening summer. 

In order to assure that all NYSHIP-eligible Adjuncts retain their health insurance coverage during the Summer 2019 Semester, seven health insurance premium deductions will be automatically prepaid over the final four pay dates in the spring semester.


When will NYSHIP Summer Deductions occur for Spring 2019?

On the April 11th, April 25th, and May 9th pay dates, both the regular biweekly deduction and two additional deductions will be taken. On the May 23rd pay date, the regular biweekly deduction plus one extra deduction will be taken.


Does my department or mentor need to complete a PAF every semester?

Yes, unless, you have a yearly appointment. Failure to submit a PAF appointing you to an eligible NYSHIP title may result in coverage termination. Please contact your department administrator or mentor for further information.


I received bills in the mail from my provider, what do I do?

Contact the NYSHIP SEHP Customer Service line (877) 769-7447 immediately. If your coverage is active, contact your provider and request to have the claims submitted to NYSHIP again. If your coverage has been terminated, contact Human Resources.


I graduated or I am leaving the doctoral program at CUNY, what should I do?

Email Kristina Seecharran, Human Resources at kseecharran@cccny.cuny.edu to complete a NYSHIP termination form.


What happens to NYSHIP once I graduate?

Your NYSHIP coverage will terminate and you will receive a COBRA packet in the mail. You can elect to continue your NYSHIP coverage at a higher cost by completing the COBRA packet.


Why did I receive a COBRA packet in the mail?

COBRA packets are mailed to members when their coverage has terminated. If you believe you have received a COBRA packet in error, contact Human Resources.

Forms and further information can be found at the link below:


Please contact Kristina Seecharran at ks%65echarr%61n@ccny.cu %6e%79.edu" rel="nofollow"> kseecharran@ccny.cuny.edu for further information.