How to Apply (OCSE)

Are you a student looking to apply for on campus employment opportunities?

You can apply in two ways:

  • Students can visit JobX.  Students can apply online by following the directions in the posting.
  • Students can come to the Office of the On-Campus Student Employment (OCSE) located in Shepard Hall Room 53-A and complete an availability form and submit an updated resume to be kept on file for the semester.  Whenever departments contact us with an opening, we will forward all qualified resumes directly to the hiring manager. Departments will contact the students directly for an interview.

"I applied two weeks ago and I haven't gotten any response. Should I be worried?"

College Assistant positions availability depend on the department's budget and staffing needs.  Once you have an application on file with the OCSE and you review the positions available online, the only thing left to do is wait.  You should update your work availability every semester, as this is an important factor departments take into consideration when filling a position.

**VERY IMPORTANT** Please be sure to keep the OCSE updated on any changes including an availability change or a contact information change.  The more informed we stay, the better your chances are of being considered for employment on campus.

Last Updated: 05/16/2024 10:52