City Facts

CITY FACTS describes student, instructional and non-instructional staff, and administrators' demographic data, as well as the Sponsored Programs financial information for The City College of New York. It is an annual publication of the Institutional Research Office (IR) and consists of the three sections detailed below.

  • Student Data: The Past Decade

    Here are Fall semester enrollment trends and other student data. Total student data comes first [Snapshot] followed by undergraduate, graduate - Masters and Engineering Ph.D. students; The CUNY Grad Center collects data for our other PHD students.
  • Employee and Sponsored Programs Financial Data

    Data on instructional and non-instructional staff by gender and ethnicity are provided, along with Sponsored Programs and College expenses data.
  • Retention and Graduation

    Data includes Fall-to-Fall, four, five, and six-year Graduation Rates for First-time, Full-time Freshmen cohorts in separate tables for gender, ethnicity and regular vs. SEEK students. Also includes one-year retention rates for First-time, Full-time Freshmen as well as for new undergraduate transfer students.

FAST FACTS is a one page summary of City Facts data, providing a quick snapshot of enrollment statistics, student demographics, admissions statistics, faculty demographics, and retention and graduation statistics.

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