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Sample Course of Study

International Studies Program

Sample Course of Study

Because the International Studies Program offers students an especially flexible and interdisciplinary major, students should work closely with advisors to develop a course of study.

Below is a sample course of study that would allow a student to complete the general education ("Pathways") requirements as well as the requirements for a major in International Studeis within four years (eight semesters, with 15 credits per semester).***


                         Course 1                   Course 2                 Course 3               Course 4             Course 5

Semester 1      INTL 201                     FIQWS 1                 FIQWS 2               Pathways             Pathways

Semester 2      INTL 305               concentration elective   ENGL 21002          Math                    Foreign language

Semester 3      theory course              Pathways                 Pathways              Pathways             Foreign language

Semester 4      concentration elective  Pathways                Pathways              Free elective        Foreign language

Semester 5      methods course     concentration elective   Free elective         Free elective        Free elective

Semester 6      SSC 3117              concentration elective    Free elective         Free elective       Free elective

Semester 7      concentration elective  Free elective           Free elective          Free elective       Free elective

Semester 8      INTL 32100               Free elective             Free elective           Free elective       Free elective


*** This course of study is only an example. Work closely with advisors to develop a course of study appropriate to your situation.


Dr. Sarah Muir, Director, International Studies Program

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