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Summer 2019 International Studies Classes

International Studies Program

Summer 2019 International Studies Classes

INTL 31603—Global Games: Sports and Globalization
Professor Castro


This course will discuss how sports exemplify most of the contemporary phenomena associated with globalization. The course will deal with these areas: sporting events; athletes as stars, migrants and guest workers; the distinction between professionals and amateurs; the politics of international sports organizations; the impact of mega events such as the Olympics on cities; and the relation between sports and development. Students will learn to analyze sports as social phenomena that illuminate contemporary situations and problems in the international arena. This course will appeal to students interested in urban studies, contemporary debates about nationality, double citizenship and naturalization, North-South immigration, and issues of commodification and commercialization. 

INTL 31704—Politics and Society in Middle East and North Africa
Professor Ludovici


This class introduces students to core topics in the study of the Middle East and North Africa: (post-)colonialism, modernity, nationalism, state formation, economic development, democratization, gender, religion, and the politics of daily life. Students will also examine the ways the region has been shaped by many waves of social movements, including nationalism, Marxism, feminism, and Islamism. The class introduces students to theoretical concepts and historical context for approaching the region in an informed manner and for reflecting on their own preconceived notions about the region. 






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