OIT Completed Projects 2012-2013


Completed Projects



A new state-of-the-art student email and communication suite for CCNY, which provides 10GB of e-mail storage, shared calendar, address books, chatting and more.


A system that tracks and reports the current position and arrival predictions of City College shuttle buses which is accessible via smart devices and monitors in the Marshak, Administration,and NAC buildings.

3.Sophie Davis Bio-medical School New Computer Center

A new state-of-art computer center and collaborative smart room has been completed (Harris Hall 06). This new center allows students to work in groups of six to eight students at a time.


An innovative CUNY student-developed a new, on-line community that combines educational and social networking technologies for academic use.

5.Biology Lab Network Upgrade

The Biology Lab Network connection (Professor Jeruzalmi, MR-1219) has been upgraded to fiber and connected back to the NAC Data Center to allow secure NFS communication between the NAC Bldg. and the Biology Lab clusters.

6.Environmental Crossroads Initiative

A cabling and networking upgrade between the Marshak third and ninth floors has been completed.

7.Wingate Hall Wi-Fi Improvement

Additional Wi-Fi access points were installed in the Wingate first floor to expand the wireless access in the Office of Procurement.

8.CCNY Website Modifications

Several new websites have been created-including CUNYFirst, an on-line Student Tech Fee Proposal submission form, and an RSVP online form to register for events.

9.Marshak Bldg. Research Lab Upgrades

Multiple research labs in the Science Division have had voice and data upgrades, including MR-522, MR-707, MR-813 MR-907, MR-1127, MR-923, MR-824.

10.Marshak Library Computer Upgrade

The Marshak library has been upgraded with 20 new computers.

11.NextBus for the Towers

Additional monitors have been added in the Towers to allow faculty, staff, and students in this area to monitor the arrival predictions of City College shuttle buses.

12.Research Administration Active Directory

All the computers in the Office of Research Administration have been added to the campus Active Directory.This allows the OIT Client Services team to provide a more efficient and secure service.Staff can now troubleshoot and deploy important software updates, as well as install software, from a remote central location

13.Writing Center Furniture Upgrade

Four new state-of-the art smart collaboration tables have been added to the Writing Center.This new set-up allows students to work in groups of four students per table.

14.Bomgar Appliance

This new appliance enables our OIT teams to remotely access and fix nearly any device, running any platform, located anywhere in our network.It will also allow us to collaborate with off-campus representatives to fix problems faster.

15.EnCase Enterprise eDiscovery Implementation

This new software thoroughly searches, collects, preserves, and analyzes data from servers and workstations anywhere on our college network—without disrupting operations. It also enables OIT to manage from a central location, any workstation hard-drive data that may be needed for litigation and investigative matters.  

16.Graduate Computer Lab Upgrade

All 12 computers, cabling and network equipment were upgraded and new software was installed.

17.President's Conference Room

The President's conference room audio-visual system has been upgraded.

18.Office of Student Life and Leadership Development Student Laptop Loan Program

Students and student clubs can borrow a laptop for short periods to make class or club presentations.These laptops can also be used by students who do not have their own computer on which to do their class assignment(s) or research.