OIT Completed Projects 2014-2015


Completed Projects

1. CityCentral

In November 2014 the OIT launched an online resource portal for the CCNY students. Students can login with the CCNY student email credentials to the MyCCNY resource and see a multitude of resources such as their records, course schedule and transcripts. They can also cancel their graduation, submit an F policy application and vote during student elections. There is a concerns page which allows students to send questions to the any of the Enrollment Management offices. Finally, there is a events newsfeed and status icons.

2. Wifi Printing

Students can work on their documents anywhere on the campus and when they are ready to print they can send the document wirelessly to a dedicated printer in the Tech Center (NAC Bldg., Room 1/301). After sending their file the student needs to visit the Tech Center to release the print job and collect the document. The technology is compatible with laptops and some mobile devices.

3. Webcast System-Phase 2, Shepard 107

Three ENO smart-boards and projectors have been installed in Shepard 107. A dedicated 24-inch monitor will be mounted on a moveable arm on the lectern. There will be two wall-mounted pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras – one aimed at the instructor and one at the audience. Additional sources will be from OFD PC with HDMI output and laptop connections available in the lectern top. Once the Audio Visual Bridge and DSP are installed, it will allow for video conferencing using Skype or Blue Jeans. A touch panel will control displays (on/off), source selection and routing, video conferencing (camera control, content sharing) and a help page.

4. Sophie Davis School of Bio-Medical Education, Harris Hall 15 Suite

OIT is working on a network infrastructure upgrade in Harris Hall, room 15.These will include new cabling, data and voice ports, Wi-Fi access points and a new Cisco switch for network connection.

5. Campus-Wide Lab Upgrades

Cabling, networking, new data and voice, audio-visual equipment for the following labs have been completed:

Steinman Bldg., Rooms 581 and 582 (Dean Barabino) Vascular Lab
Marshak Bldg., The Zahn Center, Lindsay Siegel
NAC Bldg., Room 7/237, Prof. Hien
Steinman Bldg., Rooms 305, Prof. Jeff Morris