FY 2017 Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Members

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Members

FY 2017 Tech Fee Committee Members

The Technology Fee Committee is composed of 27 members, chaired by the Provost, SVP and COO, and co-chaired by the AVP & CIO of Office of Information Technology. It includes thirteen students recommended by the Office of the Vice‐President of Student Affairs (eleven undergraduates and two graduates), seven faculty, six academic representatives, and one ex-official members. The Technology Fee Committee will be the standing college committee that will advise the Office of the President on the expenditure of the Tech Fee revenue.

The Committee:

Committee Chair –

Dr. Maurizio Trevisan, Provost, and Leonard Zinnanti, SVP and COO

Co‐Chair –

Ken Ihrer, APV & CIO Office of Information Technology (3)

Student Representatives (13)

Stephanie Veras, President Undergraduate Student Government
Sharmin Sultana, Vice President of Student Affairs
Andrew Quintero, Undergraduate Student
Senator Brian Gonzalez, Undergraduate Student
Senator Jordan Paredes, Undergraduate Student Senator
Karen Gregory, Undergraduate Student Senator
Kenny Soto, Vice President of Campus Affairs
Nadine Pratt, Sophie Davis Medical School Senator
Priscilla Delgado, Undergraduate Student Senator
Quintin Price, Undergraduate Student Senator
Xulfin Soomro, Undergraduate Student Senator
Muaad Alody, President Graduate Student Government
Veronica Blanco, Graduate Student Council

Faculty Representatives (7)

Prof. Annette Weintraub, Humanities and Arts    
Prof. Ilona Kretzschmar, Grove School of Engineering
Prof. MT Chang, School of Architecture
Prof. Laurent Mars, Division of Science
Prof. Karen Gregory, Center for Worker Education
Ms. Leslie Galman, Colin Powell School
Ms. Doris Grasserbauer, School of Education

Administrative Representatives (3)

Felix Lam, VP of Finance and Administration
Juana Reina, VP of Student Affairs
Deidra Hill, VP for Communications and Marketing

Ex‐officio Member (1)

Otto Marte, Project Administrator and Director of OIT Business Services

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