Strategic Planning

Technology touches virtually every part of CCNY’s administrative and academic functions. It is therefore imperative that we develop and implement a plan to manage our IT resources effectively today and into the foreseeable future. CCNY is currently developing, with the input and support of the entire college community, a three-year strategic plan to define how the college selects, implements, and manages campus technology.

This entails three steps: Step One includes surveys conducted separately for faculty, staff, and students; Step Two involves open meetings for faculty, staff and students; and Step Three is the actual plan development. The first and second steps have been completed. A good number of students (1,076), faculty (132) and staff (208) responded to the survey and approximately 90 faculty, staff and students participated in the open meetings. A draft plan is now being developed. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and meetings. Your feedback is essential to our efforts to improve our services.