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Engineering professor Masahiro Kawaji

CCNY leads nuclear safety research for future reactors

With nuclear safety an ever growing concern, the next generation of atomic reactors could be safer because of research ongoing at The City College of New York’s Grove School of Engineering. CCNY engineer Masahiro Kawaji, whose specialty includes nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics, leads a team that is the recipient of a third consecutive U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant to safeguard reactors of the future. Read More »
Vinod Menon quantum tech research.jpg

$2 million NSF grant spurs CCNY quantum technology research

Supported by a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation, physicists at The City College of New York are embarking on a four-year research project to develop chip-scale quantum emulators. The outcome could include the ability to solve diverse computationally intractable problems from protein folding and neural networks to the dynamics of financial markets. Read More »
Gautam Yadav Battery Research Aug 2019

New rechargeable CCNY aqueous battery challenges Lithium-ion dominance

A new rechargeable high voltage manganese dioxide zinc battery, exceeding the 2 V barrier in aqueous zinc chemistry, is the latest invention by City College of New York researchers. With a voltage of 2.45-2.8V, the alkaline MnO2|Zn battery, developed by Dr. Gautam G. Read More »
Francesca Arese Lucini_brain transitions_research

CCNY physicists use mathematics to trace neuro transitions

Unique in its application of a mathematical model to understand how the brain transitions from consciousness to unconscious behavior, a study at The City College of New York’s Benjamin Levich Institute for Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics may have just advanced neuroscience appreciably. Read More »
Robert Earl Jones, one of the interviewees in the Hatch-Billops Oral Histories of Black Culture.

CCNY Libraries' $20K boost from the GRAMMY Museum to preserve recordings

The City College of New York Libraries will digitize its archival collection of 221 oral-history recordings which capture interviews and panel discussions with notable African American artists from a variety of disciplines including theater, dance, visual arts, music as well as writers, playwrights and historians. The preservation of the recordings is due to a boost in funding from the GRAMMY Museum Grant Program. Read More »
Robert Alfano_Majorana_Photons Discovery

Robert Alfano team identifies new “Majorana Photons”

Hailed as a pioneer by Photonics Media for his previous discoveries of supercontinuum and Cr tunable lasers, City College of New York Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering Robert R. Read More »

City College-led experts develop flood prediction model

The duration of floods can be determined by river flow, precipitation and atmospheric blocking. Now an international team of researchers led by Nasser Najibi and Naresh Devineni at The City College of New York is offering a novel physically based Bayesian network model for inference and prediction of flood duration. The model also accurately examines the timescales of flooding. Read More »
Maria Tzortziou Long Island Sound_Sea Grant_Research.

CCNY’s Maria Tzortziou leads vital Long Island Sound ecological study

Covering nearly 1,300 square miles, from the East River in Manhattan to New England, Long Island Sound is one of the most important estuaries in the nation with coastal communities of more than four million people. Read More »
Hysell Oviedo_in lateralization of speech_research

CCNY experts in lateralization of speech publish discovery

City College of New York-led researchers have published a breakthrough in understanding previously unknown inner workings related to the lateralization of speech processing in the brain. Their study, headed by biologist Hysell V. Read More »
Grove School_Kyutech Internet Reserch Team

Grove School-Kyutech collaboration seeks to improve Internet

The City College of New York’s Grove School of Engineering and Japan’s Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) are working together on a unique project to make the future Internet more secure and resilient. Read More »


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