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Colin Powell School students come to City College ready to find jobs and build careers where they can make a difference for themselves, their families and their City.  You bring a wealth of knowledge about your communities, and you have a passion for making a difference on the issues and causes that need your leadership over the course of life.  

The Colin Powell School Public Service Career Hub is here to help you figure out and find opportunities–internships, jobs, and careers–in public service. 


Purpose Diagram

If you hear the call to build a better city, nation, and world, we can connect you to the jobs by which you can do good and do well. 




Most “entry-level” jobs for recent college graduates require 1-2 years of experience.  That means you should do more than just take classes while you are in college.  Employers count your campus activities toward professional involvement. Here are some ways to get started

Do Good. Do Well.

What is Public Service?  

Public service careers are jobs in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and the military.

In a public service career, you can do good AND do well.

Where will your passion take you?


Career Resources

  • It takes personal reflection and self-awareness of what interests you, angers you, and lights you up inside to know what kind of job you will find most meaningful. Sign up for a 1:1 coaching session  to gain clarity, make a plan of action and get connected!

  • Check out City College’s wide variety of Student Activities and attend a few events to explore what interests you

  • Make time for an internship! Review the paid Paid Internships database of government agencies and nonprofit organizations

  • Apply to one of our eight Fellowships, with paid stipends

  • Apply to an Experiential Opportunity for hands-on learning and apprenticeships

  • Interviewing for a job or an internship? If you could use female-identified professional clothing to look and feel your best, email Maya Gutierrez for a referral to receive a Confidence Kit from our partner, Dress for Success.

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Public Service Organizations

Interested in hosting an intern? We may be able to cover the stipend. Click here to learn more and post an internship!!


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