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philo discussionPhilosophy Club

The philosophy club serves as a forum for philosophical exchange for philosophy majors and other students with an interest in philosophy. It provides a philosophical community for students where they can interact with each other and faculty.

The club hosts a variety of events during the academic year that facilitate philosophical exchange. These have included philosophy talks, film showings (with pizza and discussion), and parties.

Recent talks have included "The Ethics of Care: Anything New?" by Virginia Held, Distinguished Professor at The Graduate Center/CUNY;"In Defense of Rumor and Conspiracy Theory" by David Coady, Senior Lecturer at the University of Tasmania;and "Descartes' Error and Higher Education" by Dr. James Stellar, Provost of Queens College.

If you are interested in the Philosophy Club, please contact Prof. Chad Kidd.


World Philosophy Day at CCNY

The Department of Philosophy at City College organizes an annual event within World Philosophy Day! The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared each third Thursday in November to be World Philosophy Day, why? As Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, put it: "Faced with the complexity of today’s world, philosophical reflection is above all a call to humility, to take a step back and engage in reasoned dialogue, to build together the solutions to challenges that are beyond our control. This is the best way to educate enlightened citizens, equipped to fight stupidity and prejudice. The greater the difficulties encountered the greater the need for philosophy to make sense of questions of peace and sustainable development."

On this day of collective exercise in free, reasoned and informed thinking on the major challenges of our time, all of UNESCO’s partners are encouraged to organize various types of activities - philosophical dialogues, debates, conferences, workshops, cultural events and presentations around the general theme of the Day, with the participation of philosophers and scientists from all branches of natural and social sciences, educators, teachers, students, press journalists and other mass media representatives, and the general public.

At CCNY, World Philosophy Day is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and organized by Massimo Pigliucci, the Department's K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy. If you'd like more information about World Philosophy Day at CCNY, please contact Prof. Pigliucci.

The CUNY Consortium for Bioethics

Organized by Prof. Jeffrey Blustein, Arthur Zitrin Professor of Bioethics at CCNY, the Consortium is open to all full-time faculty, adjuncts, and graduate students who either teach bioethics at one of the CUNY colleges or Mt. Sinai, or who are doing research in some topic related to bioethics. The Consortium provides participants with an opportunity to exchange ideas about pedagogy, to suggest resources for classroom use, and to present work in progress. It is also a clearing house for information about bioethics-related activities within CUNY and the larger metropolitan area. From time to time, guest speakers are invited to speak to the Consortium on a topic of contemporary interest.

Anyone interested in joining the Consortium or finding out more about it should contact Prof. Blustein.