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Messages to the Community

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Messages to the Community

Urban Gardens at City College

June 14, 2019

Dear Members of the City College Community,

For some time now, and in connection to a number of different initiatives, several of you have asked about the possibility of building something like a campus garden, where interested people could participate and where produce could conceivably be sent to our food pantry. Some time ago we asked David Robinson to look into this, and he's spent a fair amount of time scouring the campus to find a location that would work—both logistically and in terms of providing what the plants themselves need.

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President's Social Hour

May 14, 2019

To the CCNY Community,

This Thursday, at 4:30 PM, I am pleased to host the first of what will be a series of periodic social hours for college faculty and staff. I think it's a good idea for us to set aside a little bit of time to spend with one another on a more social footing, but I'm also scheduling this hour more specifically at the request of the college Ombudsperson, Professor William Crain - who believes, rightly I think, that the fabric of our community would be strengthened if we spent a little more time together.

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Middle States Memo from President Boudreau

April 12, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

As you'll know, we had our Middle States monitoring visit this past Wednesday and Thursday. Here's how this works: at the end of the visit, the monitoring team reads a preliminary assessment of what they found, and we then receive a more formal written report in two weeks. Ours will come on May 2nd, and I'll share it with the campus immediately. Over the next several months, that report will work its way through the commission and we'll have a final determination following the 4th of July holiday.

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President’s and Provost’s 2019 Faculty Awards

April 04, 2019

Dear College Community:

The Provost and I are pleased to announce the nomination process for the 2019 Faculty Awards. These annual awards are one of the most important ways that we honor the accomplishments and contributions of faculty to students and to our campus life. This year, we are pleased to inaugurate the President's Award for Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Service in recognition of outstanding contributions of the College's adjunct faculty.

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Passing of Ms. Stephanie McGuire

March 26, 2019

To the Campus Community,

I am sorry to bear the sad news that a member of our campus community, Ms. Stephanie McGuire, passed away suddenly yesterday.

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President Boudreau's Statement on the Christchurch Attacks

March 19, 2019

Dear City College Community,

I know that some of you carry the weight of the Christchurch attacks around with you. You may wonder if there will ever be a time when you can take for granted your acceptance into any community that is distant from the land of your ancestors. You may be searching the eyes of the people you meet with new questions who does this person think I am? What do I need to fear from this person's prejudice?

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CUNY Names New Chancellor

February 14, 2019

Dear College Community,

On behalf of The City College of New York, I would like to express great enthusiasm for the selection of Felix V. Matos Rodriguez as CUNY's 8th Chancellor.

Having worked with Chancellor Rodriguez as a colleague and friend, I am convinced that he has the vision and the commitment to bring our university into an era of unrivaled success.

I look forward to working with him and serving under his leadership.


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Resignation of Dr. Maurizio Trevisan

February 05, 2019

Dear City College Community,

On Friday, February 1st, I accepted, with regret, the resignation letter of Dr. Maurizio Trevisan. Dr. Trevisan is the founding dean of the CUNY School of Medicine, and before that, the dean of the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. For years, while dean of our medical programs, he also served as CCNY's provost. The evolution of the Sophie Davis School to the CUNY School of Medicine was in large part due to the efforts of Dr. Trevisan, and I am deeply grateful for his time and attention.

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Dean of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

January 30, 2019

Dear College Community,

I'm pleased to announce that Andrew Rich will become the second dean of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, starting on February 25th. I'm excited at the prospect of having new permanent leadership at the school, and eager to see what Professor Rich will bring to his new assignment.

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