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Gilbert Baumslag

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Gilbert Baumslag

Distinguished Professor Emeritus


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Shepard Hall SH 279
Phone Number: 
(212) 650-5153
(212) 650-5381

Professor Baumslag has given keynote addresses in most conferences in infinite group theory world-wide. He has worked with many mathematicians and has had more than 30 doctoral students. He plays tennis and squash when he has time. Professor Baumslag is also the Director of the Center for Algorithms & Interactive Scientific Software (CAISSWebsite


Professor Baumslag received his B.Sc. Honours (Masters) and D.Sc. from the University of Witwatersrand.

He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Manchester in 1958; his thesis, written under the direction of Bernhard Neumann, was titled: Some aspects of groups with unique roots.

Courses Taught
  • Topics in Group Theory
  • Theoretical Computer Science
Research Interests

Professor Baumslag is currently working on research into combinatorial group theory, interface design, zero learning curve software including a package for statistics, new games based on group theory and the involvement of high school students and undergraduates in research. Over 150 papers, 2 books, 2 monographs.


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